Jeff Hardy was arrested on Monday on multiple charges including his third DUI. Since then Hardy has been the talk of the wrestling world and some people have taken it upon themselves to place blame on his brother Matt. Some people on social media have accused Matt of being an enabler, and one fan posted the following tweet which got Matt’s attention:

“What about @MATTHARDYBRAND who was getting drunk with him and let him drive knowing he was drunk and dosent have a license full accountability @TonyKhan right @BillDeMott.”

Bill DeMott also entered the conversation when he responded to the fan with a tweet saying, “It’s a good question.”

That’s when Matt Hardy decided to set the record straight when he posted his own response where he informed the fan and DeMott that he hasn’t touched a drug in a decade, and he hasn’t drank since he became a dad.

“Understand your passion on this & agree that DD is unacceptable. I expect speculation from fans, but not you. I haven’t touched a drug in over a decade, haven’t drank since I’ve been a Dad. Saw Jeff last on Sun night & flew early Mon w/ @RebyHardy. I can’t be with Jeff every min.”


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